Participating Restaurants

Participating Restaurants

  • Halal Basha
  • Shivani’s Kitchen
  • Xtreme Pizza
  • Rays Lebanese Cuisine
  • King of Donair (All four locations)
  • Chef Abod
  • Saj House
  • Tony’s Donair and Pizza
  • Lemon Tree Restaurant

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We’re currently accepting applications from restaurants that are interested in partnering with us in this exciting venture. Does that sound like you?

Ray's Lebanese

Halal Basha

Cafe Abod

Xtreme Pizza

King of Donair (Quinpool)

King of Donair (Clayton Park)

King of Donair (Windmill)

King of Donair (Sackville)

Tony's Donair and Pizza - Robie Street

Tony's Donair and Pizza