Our Purpose

Square Roots Beverages was created to address the UN Sustainable Developemnt Goals: Good Health and Well-being and Responsible Consumption and Production.

Square Roots Beverages was created to address the same UN Sustainable Development Goals as the initial Square Roots Program, which are Good Health and Well-Being, and Responsible Consumption and Production. Beverages was a perfect extension to fit the Square Roots model of using food waste as an input. The initial program was piloted by Enactus Saint Mary’s Students and Boxing Rock Brewing Co. who created a zero-waste beer with seconds carrots. The Beer was appropriately named “14 Carrot Gold” to signify the juice from 1.4 Carrots in each 650mL bottle. The spent grain from the beer was given to farmers as animal feed, and the liquid yeast was donated to the Saint Mary’s Science department for use in research projects. The beer not only had an earthy rich undertone, but also sold out in just over two weeks, helping get the story of square roots into the hands of consumers all over Nova Scotia. Since this pilot, Square Roots Beverages has partnered with many other breweries, cideries, and other beverage providers in Nova Scotia, and is looking to create more partnerships and to keep using seconds fruits and vegetables from our farms as core ingredients in the drinks we love and share.