14 Carrot Gold

This beer was made with a lot of love, and seconds carrots that weren’t pretty enough to be sold at grocery stores.  Nova Scotia wastes the most food of any province in Canada, so this is our way of getting local produce right from the farm into your hands.

Sold at NSLC stores
(Available for a Limited Time Only)

Product Reviews

14 Carrot Gold is one of Boxing Rocks fastest selling specialty beers. Over 90% of bottles sold out 20 days after its launch.

Customers have been sharing their story all over social media.

"Picked up one today, can't wait to try it!"

"It was really good."

"It was delicious!"



Sold at NSLC stores for a Limited Time only!

Other Beers

We will be working with Boxing Rock to produce 3 additional beers, each with a different vegetable for a different season. Stay tuned!

Coming Soon!