Bundle Services

Square Roots is a social enterprise that tackles food insecurity and food waste in Nova Scotian communities through our Bundle Service. We purchase seconds produce in bulk from local farmers and sorted into 10lbs bundles which typically include root vegetables, fruits, and with our partnership with Hellmann’s, a full value coupon for any Hellmann’s product!

We currently have a dozen communities across Nova Scotia where you can buy a bundle on the last weekend of every month from our local Community Managers. We post the exact dates and times on our Facebook and Instagram the third week of every month along with what will be in the bundle that month!

How Does It Work?

In order to ensure that every household has access to fresh affordable bundles, Square Roots came up with a unique Social Pricing Model.

For 10lb bundles, you pay $10 if you can afford it, or $5 if you can’t.